About Saiyyam Galleries

There’s a saying that thoughts become things; the thoughts that we have literally have the potential of manifesting into reality. There is also research that the company we keep influences us, affects us, even has the potential of making us who we are. At Saiyyam Arts, we believe that the colors, the images, and the art you surround yourself with also has an influence on you. An impactful one, even.

There are many blog posts about how to decorate your space, how to choose artwork, where to purchase, who to ask, etc. So, we won’t cover that here, for now. What we do want to talk about is how the artwork that surrounds us has the potential to make us feel.

Art in a room can make us feel warm, invited, cared for, or on the flip side, overwhelmed, bored, annoyed. These feelings could come from a person’s perception of the artwork, but usually it is aspects of the canvas that can stir various emotions.  Leveraging on this knowledge, we can choose artwork for various living and working spaces, that can in turn help us feel a certain way.

At Saiyyam Arts, we carefully curate our photography and do the hard work to identify the types of emotions, conversations, thoughts, or questions it has the potential to stir. So, all you have to do is go to the galleries, choose the type of result or environment you’re seeking, and see what appeals to you within that category. We can also help you choose from our collections, just drop us a line here!