Art, coffee, or tea?

Goals and deadlines, meetings and updates, schedules and trackers, realizations and performance, training and coaching... There’s a lot going on in most companies these days to evaluate employees and productivity. Productivity is well measured in certain industries where inputs are easily identifiable and accountable (where are my cost accountants?!) Yet, in 2022, it’s not a simple input and output of measurable goods anymore - that was so last revolution, the industrial one. 

Over the last 30-50 years, the information age has provided tools, giving way to personas, work-styles or lifestyles that affect productivity very much, but cannot be measured in the traditional ways in varied industries and organizations. What organizations are really doing is measuring employee productivity in a way that makes sense for their bottom line or other economic goals. 

I think productivity is a very personal topic. I don’t mean ‘personal productivity’ - you can learn a lot about that at Harvard Business Review and other websites. What I mean is that it’s literally a unique personal situation for each individual, and affected by a plethora of inputs in their circumstances. 

Being productive or not could be a result of complex mental and physical inputs such as personal and professional motivation, a dedicated workspace, managing distractions or competing priorities, finding inspiration, creating habits that are aligned with one's goals, persevering to achieve goals set in the midst of low points, seeking help and inputs from our team members, leaders, and stakeholders. Each one of these has several layers, for example, motivation can be external or internal; it can also be driven by a carrot or a stick…!

As we, companies and individuals, figure out ways to go back to our physical offices, work remotely, or have a hybrid work arrangement, it’s important to consider the effects of the physical space we’re in day in and day out, and how that affects our productivity. For both offices and home offices, or even dining or living areas if that’s where you choose to work, is there clutter around that’s distracting and takes away from focus? Is the lighting good enough to keep things bright and energetic? And… is there art? 

What surrounds you in your workspace is the hidden motivation behind how you perform. Saiyyam Arts offers photo artwork to boost employee morale and bring about better results. We pierce through our lens to craft custom photography that plays with portraiture, symbolism, reflections, landscapes, cityscapes, and more. Office walls embellished with productive art are the key to driving growth and maintaining a happy and innovative workforce.

My real life example: In my career in public accounting, I worked in hundreds of office spaces, and at least nine-tenths of them were drab, boring, spaces that I just had to step out of periodically to get reenergized. Almost always, I’d find something to be energized by, be it coffee, tea, or art! Coffee and tea were easier to come by than art, yet art is what kept my work brain focused longer, with no caffeine or sugar drop! Now, I create custom art for companies to have more productive spaces, whether it is for conference rooms, corridors, personal office spaces, office lobbies, hotel and hospital spaces, or even home offices! 

I also have a productive office set up at home, and go to work at co-working spaces such as Hera HUB, Productivitea Café, Rowan Tree, etc, to find the art and motivation to keep doing what I do best every day!

Saiyyam custom print in an office conference room