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Atithi Devo Bhava… is Sanskrit for ‘guests are akin to God’. 

How we interpret this statement:

Creating an inviting and appreciative ambience can bring out God-like qualities in people visiting our spaces. The art of inviting considers the societal and psychological aspects of human interaction. 

In most cultures, warm beverages and food are offered to guests upon arrival. A comfortable space is provided to sit and relax. And most times, this space is enhanced by the type of art and decor it is adorned with. 

Manhattan Mirage (New York City)

At Saiyyam Arts, we work with boutique hotels, restaurants, cafes, and even homes, to understand what hosting means to them, and recommend artwork according to the needs and passions of the hosts and their guests. 

Inviting photography brings openness, receptivity, and joy with a sentiment of humility to interior spaces. The presence of our artwork on your wall allows your guests to accept it as a gift, as an offering that is warm and welcoming. It helps let go of the outside world and comfortably settle indoors, whether for a meal, a gathering, or a tete-a-tete. 

Wine Tasting

Do you have a high traffic business that you do a lot for, and simply do not have the time to select things like art? Do you operate a restaurant or cafe and want to create a more inviting atmosphere? We have got you covered!

We have curated a whole gallery of inviting photographic artwork and all you have to do is select a photo and type of print. We have minimized the efforts it would take to make an artwork decision. If you need assistance, you can always email our chief photographer and curator for personalized selection at 

Just a Ferry Ride Away (Sydney)