Creating better spaces - and improving lives!

Whether it is calm, or inviting, or meditative, or energizing… creating spaces with any of these qualities enhanced implies that a space is being transformed from its original state to something better. 

I worked at a coworking space until October 2022, until it shut down due to no lease renewal options. Amy Dagliano and Kate Janich had created a productive and inspiring space called Rowan Tree. While their physical space doesn’t exist anymore, the community they fostered continues to thrive.

In this post, I highlight other entrepreneurs from Rowan Tree who I came across (there are many more!), who go into various spaces - homes, offices, human minds, human bodies - and  create better spaces! (Note: this blog is my observation and appreciation of their work, not a review of their businesses.)

Basic Organization

Janet Schiesl is the brains behind Basic Organization, a company providing organization and move management services in Virginia and Washington, D.C. Her team comprises the finest, hard-working, and fastest organizers. Spaces that could take months to organize are cleared and curated in a matter of days, or even hours! The transformation is such that her clients breathe easier, and I reckon they eat and sleep better, too!

Simply Enough: Own less. Live more.

Amy Slenker-Smith is the owner of Simply Enough. She primarily helps empty nesters and working moms go from overwhelmed, unmotivated, and disorganized to the feeling of a weight lifted in a clutter-free and organized home. This could include physical spaces in your home, or even apply to habits and behaviors when it comes to how you gather things in your living areas! Her courses and services bring about calm and centeredness in this chaotic world.

Beauty Counter 

Marianne Toro Moore meets with you, makes you feel at ease, and helps with your skin and your desired looks for everyday and special events! She is flawless when it comes to talking about skincare and is a true believer in Beauty Counter’s goodness. There are no hard sells or hidden motives - just pure needs based offerings. When one feels good about themselves on the outside, it can translate to feeling good about themselves on the inside, too!

Wise + Well with Athena

I have long benefited from essential oils, especially peppermint, which helped support my debilitating migraines. Athena Scalise Waitt knows holistic health and the role of essential oils better than anyone I’ve met. As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate for over 10 years, she understands their products in depth, and demystifies how to simply incorporate Essential Oils for wellness, prevention and the first line of defense when challenges occur. By helping people feel better, she puts them in better spaces in their lives!

Flushing It Out

Last, but not in any way the least, meet Samantha Ellis Spittle. Sam is the epitome of vulnerability combined with strength and kindness. Flushing It Out’s mission is to connect people, helping them feel seen by sharing common experiences, thoughts, feelings, and more.  They aim to accomplish this by having a fun conversation and getting to the “real stuff,” usually the thoughts and feelings we keep from other people.  Over time, people see the power of having conversations in their own lives and how being vulnerable and open can lead to genuine connection. Talk about clearing the spaces to invite more joy!

Always Peaceful Up Here