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Hi everyone and welcome to our new blog series! 

Saiyyam Arts is a woman-owned small business based in the greater Washington, D.C area. We have set out to create a world with stress-free spaces, by using Vanita Rao’s photography to promote well-being. At Saiyyam Arts, we carefully curate our photography and identify the types of emotions, conversations, thoughts, or questions it has the potential to stir. Each of our galleries is centered around a certain type of feeling, so all you have to do is choose the type of space you’re trying to create, and see what appeals to you within that category.

In this blog post, we’re talking about ‘Conversation Pieces’, photos converted into rich quality artwork that trigger interesting exchanges among the observers.

Ever walked into an office and wanted to address the elephant in the room? How does one find the ease with which to address a difficult subject? Think of a legal matter or worse, a medical issue. Maybe by sparking a conversation about something unrelated which could dissipate the tension in the room… This conversation could be about an artwork adorning the walls of said law or doctors office. Having a piece of art can sometimes be a close cousin to having a mediator. 

Saiyyam Arts’ piece ‘Fragile, like shadows’, has had this effect on a collector’s interaction with their client. They have a large format stretched canvas print, and the conversation among individuals in a difficult exchange was steered towards how many different human interactions are present in the photo. The interaction then progressed to how the monotone brings them all together, seeming as one. And, once the oneness set in, elephants in the room appeared to be smaller or less intimidating. Once humans engage in empathetic conversation, difficult topics can become easier to address.

Fragile, like shadows

In a different setting, say a family room, an interesting artwork could bring families and friends together. Have a teenager who is introducing their partner to parents for the first time and wants to ease into the conversation? Want to invite a new neighbor to get to know them? Bringing different sides of the family together for supper? The right art can be an icebreaker in this space. 

The world is a bubble” is in one of our collector’s homes in their family room with high ceilings. For their floating frame acrylic custom order, we used a version without the sun glare and lens flare. This photo was taken in South Island, New Zealand, on the picturesque banks of the Clutha River / Mata Au. The conversations started out with location and weather, but soon evolved into environmental causes, necessary human intervention, political behavior and urgency of contributing to the wellbeing of our planet. We heard it even had an effect on a college bound family member’s major decision towards climate change! Now, isn’t that an impactful piece of art?!

The world is a bubble

Other clients we have had the pleasure of providing our conversation pieces to are gathering places such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes. With many people coming in and out, going about their lives, it gives a pause that enhances their perception of the space. With conversations being stimulated, people tend to linger longer, potentially benefiting the businesses they are spending their time at. 

Do Not Disturb” has been one of the most talked about pieces of artwork we create. ‘Where is this?’, ‘How far is it taken from’, ‘What is the red color in the front?’, ‘Where is this majestic being sitting’, are some of the questions that started interesting conversations for our collector clients. You don’t have to be a good conversationalist to start these dialogs, the photos do all that work for you! 

Do Not Disturb

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