New Delhi

One early morning during a trip to my hometown, New Delhi, my friends took me to photograph India Gate at sunrise! It was sparsely populated by tourists or commuters, and a lighting company was doing trials for an upcoming show. So, I took a lot of photos of the cool light projections on the Gate and thought to myself that this was a pretty creative shoot. I packed up my camera gear and was nonchalantly walking around the structure, and on the opposite side, saw this dazzling array of lights! This remarkable capture gets my creative juices flowing every time! I've since been asked many times if this photograph is a composite of several images but its not - I usually don't edit photos to add anything that doesn't already exist in view.

India Gate

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Please take your cell phone close to the wall that you would like to see this art on and hold it steady. You can expand the art size to see it in real depth and scale.